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When a woman researching her family tree discovers that her ancestor changed their family name in the mid-1800’s to hide from something or someone, her inquiries trigger some very unexpected responses.
Teamed up with an investigative journalist with a military past and a not-so-willing history professor, the investigation into her family’s past leads to Abraham Lincoln, to a family that has long known of rumors about its connection to Abraham Lincoln, and to the ending days of the Civil War in a tired and war-depleted South. What begins as a simple genealogy project turns into a quest to unearth important secrets about Abraham Lincoln and about the Civil War,  secrets so important someone is willing to kill to stop the truth from being revealed more than a century later.
Soon, the trio finds themselves unraveling a mystery spanning from Denver to South Carolina and covering the life of Abraham Lincoln, from his humble origins in the Kentucky frontier to his death at the end of the Civil War.

The Lincoln Secret is a historical mystery adventure novel set in modern day America. Founded upon several historical theories about Abraham Lincoln and about the Civil War, the novel takes you through Abraham Lincoln's life and death as the main characters try to unravel a mystery left over from those days.

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November 3, 2010 Radio Interview
John McKinsey interview by Bruce Robinson of NPR station KRCB
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